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¿Cómo completar la certificación JavaScript Developer I? Se requiere que los candidatos completen el especialista en componentes web de Lightning Superbadge y el examen JavaScript Developer I múltiple de opción. Para todos, puede completar el examen de JavaScript Developer I con volcados de examen de desarrollador I válido I en línea. Para el desarrollador de JavaScript de ventas completo y completo de la preparación y el éxito de Salesforce, puede obtener ayuda de realexam.es. Aquí, la demostración gratuita de los volcados de exámenes de JavaScript Developer I está disponible para su aprendizaje.

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1. Refer to the following code block:

What is the console output?


Given the requirement to refactor the code above to JavaScript class format, which class definition is correct?





3. Which code change should be done for the console to log the following when 'Click me!' is clicked'

> Row log

> Table log

4. Which statement can a developer apply to increment the browser's navigation history without a page refresh?

Which statement can a developer apply to increment the browser's navigation history without a page refresh?

5. A developer is required to write a function that calculates the sum of elements in an array but is getting undefined every time the code is executed.

The developer needs to find what is missing in the code below.

Const sumFunction = arr => {

Return arr.reduce((result, current) => {


Result += current;


), 10);


Which option makes the code work as expected?

6. Refer to code below:

function Person() {

this.firstName = ’John’;


Person.prototype ={

Job: x => ‘Developer’


const myFather = new Person();

const result =myFather.firstName + ‘ ‘ + myFather.job();

What is the value of the result after line 10 executes?

7. A developer wrote the following code to test a sum3 function that takes in an array of numbers and returns the sum of the first three numbers in the array, and the test passes.

A different developer made changes to the behavior of sum3 to instead sum only the first two numbers present in the array.

Which two results occur when running this test on the updated sum3 function? Choose 2 answers

8. Refer to the code below:

Let textValue = ’1984’;

Which code assignment shows a correct way to convert this string to an integer?

9. In the browser, the window object is often used to assign variables that require the broadest scope in an application Node.js application does not have access to the window object by default.

Which two methods are used to address this? Choose 2 answers

10. Given the following code:

is the output of line 02?


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