Aplicación de red válida NS0-527 Preguntas de examen de práctica [2022] con una garantía de aprobación del 100%

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Puede aprobar su Ingeniero de Implementación Certificado NetApp NS0-527, examen de certificación de protección de datos con éxito con las preguntas válidas del examen de práctica NS0-527. Examen NS0-527 Uno de los dos exámenes escritos (NS0-162 y NS0-527) para el ingeniero de implementación certificada de NetApp: certificación especialista en protección de datos. El dispositivo de red válido NS0-527 Practice Practice Preguntas de Realexam.es son buenas, que cubren los temas y objetivos del examen NS0-527. Uno puede elegir las preguntas de práctica de NetApp NS0-527 para prepararse para el examen NS0-527 del dispositivo de red, esto ayudará a ahorrar tiempo y energía para estudiar también. También puede consultar las preguntas de examen gratuitas NS0-527 a continuación para el aprendizaje.

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1. Click the Exhibit button.

A customer needs to add an additional X91143A card into a FAS9000 to allow mirroring between the production system and the disaster recovery FAS9000 platform. Slots 1, 4, 6, 8, and 9 have cards in them.

Referring to the exhibit, in which slot should you install the card?

2. What are three methods of configuring SnapMirror replication relationships? (Choose three.)

3. To ensure enough bandwidth for other applications, you want to restrict all replication bandwidth on your destination cluster.

How would you accomplish this task?

4. Click the Exhibit button.

In an ONTAP environment, an SVM-DR relationship exists between your AFF A220 cluster and your FAS2720 cluster, with identity preserve enabled. You are asked to test thedisaster recovery workflow in an upcoming maintenance window.

Referring to the exhibit, which step should be performed next to test the recovery workflow?

5. You must determine if there have been any backup problems overnight.

Which two reports in OnCommand Unified Manager 6.2 would provide you with the required information?

(Choose two.)

6. During NDMP incremental backups, you want to reduce the time spent finding the changed data between two Snapshot copies.

In this scenario, which ONTAP feature will accomplish this task?

7. Which two statements are correct about configuring a peering connection between clusters? (Choose two.)

8. You want to determine the amount of cold data that can be tiered from a FabricPool-enabled aggregate.

In thisscenario, which feature satisfies this requirement?

9. Data on an AFF system is replicated using SnapMirror to aFAS system that is configured with NL-SAS-based storage.

In this scenario, which storage efficiency is lost on the SnapMirror destination?

10. A customer wants to set up SNMP to monitor their ONTAP platforms. Because of securityreasons, they need strong authentication and data encryption?

In this scenario, which SNMP version satisfies these requirements?


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