Comptia Data+ Certificación DA0-001 Preguntas del examen para aprender por completo

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CompTIA del examen CompTIA Data+ DA0-001 es recientemente publicado por CompTIA para certificar que el candidato exitoso tiene el conocimiento y las habilidades necesarias para transformar los requisitos comerciales en apoyo de las decisiones basadas en datos a través de la minería y la manipulación de datos, aplicando métodos estadísticos básicos y analizar conjuntos de datos complejos mientras adhieren los conjuntos de datos mientras adhieren a los estándares de gobernanza y calidad a lo largo de todo el ciclo de vida de los datos. Pasar el examen DA0-001 para obtener la certificación CompTIA Data+ no es una tarea fácil, por lo que puede elegir CompTIA Data+ DA0-001 preguntas del examen. Todas las preguntas y respuestas de examen de práctica DA0-001 válidas pueden ayudarlo a aprender por completo, luego puede aprobar con éxito. Intente leer los datos de Comptia+ DA0-001 Demo gratuito primero.

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1. Which of the following contains alphanumeric values?

2. 1.Q3 2020 has just ended, and now a data analyst needs to create an ad-hoc sales report that demonstrates how well the Q3 2020 promotion went versus last year's Q3 promotion.

Which of the following date parameters should the analyst use?

3. George is conducting a survey. He intends to distribute the survey via email and wants to optionally follow up with respondents based on their answers.

What quality dimension is most vital to the success of George's survey?

Choose the best answer.

A. Completeness.

B. Accuracy.

C. Consistency.

D. Validity.

4. Consider the following dataset which contains information about houses that are for sale:

Which of the following string manipulation commands will combine the address and region name columns to create a full address?

full_address------------------------- 85 Turner St, Northern Metropolitan 25 Bloomburg St, Northern Metropolitan 5 Charles St, Northern Metropolitan 40 Federation La, Northern Metropolitan 55a Park St, Northern Metropolitan

5. What is the median of the following numbers?

13, 2, 65, 3, 5, 4, 7, 3, 4, 7, 8, 2, 4, 4, 60, 23, 43, 2

6. A web developer wants to ensure that malicious users can't type SQL statements when they asked for input, like their username/userid.

Which of the following query optimization techniques would effectively prevent SQL Injection attacks?

7. Jhon is working on an ELT process that sources data from six different source systems.

Looking at the source data, he finds that data about the sample people exists in two of six systems.

What does he have to make sure he checks for in his ELT process?

Choose the best answer.

8. Chris is building a database to store prices for items on a restaurant menu.

What data type is most appropriate for this field?

A. Numeric.

B. Date.

C. Tags.

D. Alphanumeric.

9. Jenny wants to study the academic performance of undergraduate sophomores and wants to determine the average grade point average at different points during an academic year.

What best describes the data set she needs?

A. Sample.

B. Observation.

C. Variable.

D. Population.

10. What role in a data governance is typically responsible for day-to-day oversight of data use?


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