Databricks certificado ingeniero de datos volcados de exámenes reales profesionales para la preparación

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Ser un profesional de ingeniero de datos certificado de Databricks requiere un examen para evaluar la capacidad de un individuo para usar Databricks para realizar tareas avanzadas de ingeniería de datos, incluida la comprensión de la plataforma Databricks y las herramientas de desarrolladores como Apache Spark, Delta Lake, MLFlow y los Databricks CLI y REST API. Real Databricks Certified Data Engineer Profess Exam tiene 60 preguntas de opción múltiple, los candidatos deben responder a todas esas preguntas en 120 minutos. Databricks certificado Ingeniero de datos profesional Los vertederos de exámenes reales de están disponibles para su preparación. Además, los vertederos de demostración gratuitos de Ingeniero de Datos Certificado de Databricks están disponibles en línea para leer primero.

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1. Which of the following data workloads will utilize a Bronze table as its source?

2. You are working on a email spam filtering assignment, while working on this you find there is new word e.g. HadoopExam comes in email, and in your solutions you never come across this word before, hence probability of this words is coming in either email could be zero.

So which of the following algorithm can help you to avoid zero probability?

3. A denote the event 'student is female' and let B denote the event 'student is French'. In a class of 100 students suppose 60 are French, and suppose that 10 of the French students are females. Find the probability that if I pick a French student, it will be a girl, that is, find P(A|B).

4. A data engineering team has created a series of tables using Parquet data stored in an external sys-tem. The team is noticing that after appending new rows to the data in the external system, their queries within Databricks are not returning the new rows. They identify the caching of the previous data as the cause of this issue.

Which of the following approaches will ensure that the data returned by queries is always up-to-date?

5. )

6. Which of the following describes a benefit of a data lakehouse that is unavailable in a traditional data warehouse?

7. There are 5000 different color balls, out of which 1200 are pink color .

What is the maximum likelihood estimate for the proportion of "pink" items in the test set of color balls?

8. Which of the following locations hosts the driver and worker nodes of a Databricks-managed clus-ter?

9. 1.A data engineer has written the following query:


2 FROM json.`/path/to/json/file.json`;

The data engineer asks a colleague for help to convert this query for use in a Delta Live Tables (DLT) pipeline. The query should create the first table in the DLT pipeline.

Which of the following describes the change the colleague needs to make to the query?

10. Which of the following statements describes Delta Lake?



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