Desarrollador de Adobe Analytics AD0 -E213 Preguntas sobre el examen nuevo – Buenos materiales de preparación Recomendar

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Adobe Analytics Developer AD0-E213 es el examen de nivel profesional de Adobe Certified de Adobe Analytics Certification, que lo ayudará a ser un desarrollador profesional certificado por Adobe. Aunque el examen Adobe Analytics AD0-E213 es difícil, aún puede prepararse para la prueba Adobe AD0-E213 en un corto. Simplemente use las nuevas preguntas de examen Adobe AD0-E213 de con toda la información relevante lo ayudará a prepararse bien para el examen profesional de desarrolladores Adobe Analytics AD0-E213 en poco tiempo. Garantizamos que las preguntas del examen Adobe AD0-E213 son los buenos materiales de preparación para ayudarlo a aprobar el examen Adobe Analytics Developer AD0-E213 con éxito. Pruebe nuestra demostración gratuita de las preguntas del examen Adobe AD0-E213 y consulte por usted mismo la calidad del desarrollador de Adobe Analytics AD0-E213 Preguntas del examen.

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1. Which option shows a correct set of steps in a tags workflow?

2. Click the Save button

Your new property should display on the Properties page. Note that if you check the box next to the property name, options to Configure or Delete the property appear above the property list. Click on the name of your property (e.g. Luma Tutorial) to open the Overview screen.

Next “Add the Embed Code” >

Which feature of Adobe Experience Cloud enables developers to control the what, when, where, and how of all the analytics tags on the website?

3. What can launches be used for?

4. Within Adobe Analytics, how long does it take for data to be processed and ready for reporting?

5. 1.Which phase of the Adobe Analytics Implementation using tags in Adobe Experience Platform involves creating data elements and rules?

6. What is the first step for data to get from the developer's page into the reports in Adobe Analytics?

7. A Solution Design Reference (SDR) Document indicates that the developer needs to track products in the shopping cart on the retail website.

Which data object can be used to track product names?

8. A developer is processing the webpage data into the reports in Adobe Analytics.

What happens immediately after the analytics code is served via the data layer and Adobe Launch?

9. A Solution Design Reference (SDR) Document indicates that the developer needs to track page views on the retail website. As part of this process, the developer needs to populate the page name for each web page.

Which data object can be used to accomplish this?

10. Which web security method among the following supported Experience Cloud ID?


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