Examen profesional de conmutación certificada Aruba HPE6-A73 Guía de estudio [2022 Actualizado]

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El examen profesional de conmutación certificado Aruba HPE6-A73 es el examen de certificación HPE HOT, que prueba las habilidades necesarias para implementar y operar soluciones de conmutación de campus de Aruba a nivel empresarial. Para ayudarlo a probar bien el examen HPE6-A73, hemos actualizado la guía de estudio HPE6-A73 con las preguntas y respuestas del examen real para ayudarlo a prepararse para el examen profesional de conmutación certificado Aruba bien. Aprendizaje de la guía de estudio HPE6-A73 actualizada de Realexam.es debe ser una gran oportunidad para verificar su conocimiento y rendimiento en la prueba real Certified de Switching Certified HPE6-A73 con éxito 100% garantizado. Las nuevas preguntas y respuestas de examen HPE6-A73 actualizadas lo ayudarán a aprobar su examen real con altas calificaciones. Puede sentir primero las preguntas de demostración gratuitas HPE6-A73.

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1. An administrator is implementing a downloadable user role solution involving AOS-CX switches. The AAA solution and the AOS-CX switches can successfully authenticate users; however, the role information fails to download to the switches.

What policy should be added to an intermediate firewall to allow the downloadable role function to succeed?

2. A network administrator wants to centralize the management of AOS-CX switches by implementing NetEdit.

How should the administrator purchase and/or install the NetEdit solution?

3. Which option correctly defines how to identify a VLAN as a voice VLAN on an AOS-CX switch?

4. An administrator wants to track what configuration changes were made on a switch.

What should the administrator implement to see the configuration changes on an AOS-CX switch?

5. An administrator has configured the following on an AOS-CX switch:

What is the correct ACL rule configuration that would allow traffic from anywhere to reach the web ports on the two specified servers?

6. A company has implemented 802.1X authentication on AOS-CX access switches, where two ClearPass

servers are used to implement AAA. Each switch has the two servers defined. A network engineer notices the following command configured on the AOS-CX switches:

radius-server tracking user-name monitor password plaintext aruba123

What is the purpose of this configuration?

7. A network administrator is attempting to troubleshoot a connectivity issue between a group of users and a particular server. The administrator needs to examine the packets over a period of time from their desktop; however, the administrator is not directly connected to the AOS-CX switch involved with the traffic flow.

What is correct regarding the ERSPAN session that needs to be established on an AOS-CX switch? (Choose two.)

8. A network administrator is managing a network that deploys a multicast service. The administrator has

multiple streams successfully being routed by PIM-DM in the network. The administrator then adds a new stream with a destination address of However, clients who have not joined the stream are receiving it.

What should the administrator do to fix this problem?

9. An administrator is implementing a multicast solution in a multi-VLAN network.

Which statement is true about the configuration of the switches in the network?

10. An administrator creates an ACL rule with both the “count” and “log” option enabled.

What is correct about the

action taken by an AOS-CX switch when there is a match on this rule?


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