Gestión de proyectos Professional Las preguntas de examen de PMP real están disponibles para su preparación

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Otra certificación de TI TI que recomendamos antes, Project Management Professional (PMP) es la certificación de gestión de proyectos líder en el mundo. Las preguntas reales del examen de PMP están disponibles con las respuestas reales para su preparación. Comprender bien las preguntas y respuestas del examen de PMP es la forma efectiva de completar el examen de certificación Profess Gestión de Proyectos Profesionales (PMP). Para cualquier persona que esté en busca de tales preguntas real del examen de PMP con las respuestas correctas, definitivamente debe buscar encontrar las preguntas de examen PMP de certificación PMI válidas de Puede leer las preguntas de demostración de PMP de gestión de proyectos gratuitas en línea.

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1. A research and development department is planning to develop a product that will introduce a new line of business for the organization.

What should the project manager do to increase the project's chances of success?

2. A project manager created a contingency plan associated with a risk. The risk was realized, but the client insists on using a new workaround instead. The requested workaround will introduce delays and require additional budget

What should the project manager do?

3. A project for a new product launch is in a very initial stage and the requirements are evolving Due to stiff competition in the market, the customer would like to launch the product keeping the scope flexible. The project team intends to start the work based on the forecast of a similar project delivered last year

Which project approach suits the scenario?

4. A large multi-year project requires highly skilled staff for successful deployment. The management team and the project sponsor have analyzed the resource requirements and agreed to have permanent staff hired for the project to avoid potential budget overrun However there is a risk of staff turnover during the course of the project, which may have an impact on the delivery

Which two actions should the project manager take to mitigate this risk? (Choose two)

5. An agile team member received certification on a new tool: however, this learn member is complaining that the rest of the team is not using the tool due to lack of knowledge.

How should the servant leader apply emotional intelligence to leverage this situation to benefit the project?

6. During a daily standup meeting, a roadblock was raised that is preventing one of the team members from proceeding with work. The project manager figures out that it is due to a technical issue.

What should the project manager do to prioritize this critical impediment?

7. The programming activities of a project were planned to last 35 days per module but the programming of the first module has taken 45 days.

What should the project manager do?

8. A project manager is starting a project using a hybrid approach and notices some team members only have knowledge of predictive approaches.

What does the project manager need to do first in order to have good project performance?

9. A company has decided to implement a new archiving system A data breach occurred during the implementation of the project

What should the project manager do first?

10. A geographically distributed project team has development issues between the collocated and virtual teams causing productivity to decrease .

What should the project manager do to address this issue?


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