Guía de estudio avanzada certificada de Salesforce actualizada en línea [2022] para una buena preparación

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¿Está familiarizado con el examen de certificación de administrador avanzado certificado por Salesforce? Es uno de los exámenes populares de certificación de administrador de Salesforce, que está diseñado para personas que tienen la experiencia de un administrador experimentado de Salesforce. Antes de asistir al examen de administrador avanzado certificado, debe completar el administrador como requisito previo. Para todos aquí, tenemos la Guía de estudio avanzada de administrador avanzada más actualizada en línea para una buena preparación. ofrece la guía de estudio de administrador avanzado certificada 100% verificada. Obtendrá las preguntas y respuestas más válidas en el administrador avanzado certificado que pertenece al formato real del examen de administrador avanzado certificado por Salesforce. A continuación también tenemos preguntas de examen de administrador avanzado certificadas gratuitas para verificar la guía de estudio actualizada en línea.

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1. Universal Containers wants only users from the sales department to have access to price books.

How can an administrator meet this requirement?

2. How can content types be used in CRM Content? (Choose two answers.) * (1 Point)

3. In addition to setting the standard price, what must you also do in order to add a Product to a Custom Price Book? * (1 Point)

4. The finance director at Cloud Kicks asks the administrator for an exception report that shows all B2C accounts that are missing the credit card number. The credit card number is a classic encrypted field.

What action should the administrator take to meet this requirement?

5. An administrator for Cloud Kicks has received several requests to update Salesforce reports with fields that users are unable to see on the report. The administrator notices that the missing fields are new custom fields and the reports are created with custom report types.

What should the administrator do to make this an easier process?

6. AW Computing it running a special bundle deal on monitors and keyboards. Normally, discounts need VP approval, but this special bundle is pre-approved.

What should the administrator recommend for these requirements?

7. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has a private sharing model for records containing a customer's credit Information. These records should be visible to a sales rep's manager but hidden from their colleagues.

How should an administrator adjust NTO's sharing model to ensure the correct amount of confidentiality?

8. Universal Containers wants to allow community visitors to submit support cases without logging into the community.

Which two features are required to implement this request? Choose 2 answers

9. Recruiters at Universal Containers want to associate a position with their related job applications using two custom objects-Position and Job always have a related position. If a

position is deleted, the corresponding job applications are deleted.

What type of object relationship will meet this requirement? * (1 Point)

10. Cloud Kicks needs to automate several updates to lead records and update unrelated records. Select changes should happen every time a record is created or updated, Put other changes should only happen when the record is updated.

Which two options should the administrator use to automate these updates? Choose 2 answers


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