Nuevo desarrollador de RPA avanzado certificado UIPATH (UIARD) Preguntas de examen UIPath-CAndv1 [2022]

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Para todos, el desarrollador de RPA avanzado certificado de UIPath (UIARD) está dirigido a evaluar un nivel más profundo de conocimiento y habilidades para diseñar y desarrollar independientemente soluciones de RPA complejos en el marco empresarial robótico. Esta es la mejor manera de obtener el éxito en el examen UIPATH-CAENTV1 de RPA certificado por UIPATH para lograr el éxito en la profesión de TI. Con las nuevas preguntas del examen UIPath-CAndv1 [2022], borrará el examen de certificación de desarrollador de RPA avanzado certificado UIPath (UIARD) en el primer intento. Intente leer las preguntas de demostración gratuita de UIPath-ardv1 a continuación.

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1. A developer is creating an automation project which processes personal information of employees.

To protect sensitive information that is logged during the execution of the automation at the Verbose level, how can the developer avoid logging variable and argument values in both Orchestrator and Studio?

2. A developer wants to ensure that a process they are developing includes coherent logs with meaningful log messages. During the execution of the process, an application exception is caught and stored in a local variable called exception.

Based on UiPath best practices, how should the Log Message activity in the Catch section of this exception be configured?

3. A developer configured the properties for a Click activity on an element inside a web page as shown in the exhibit. An animation on the web page never completely loads but the element specified in the Click activity does.

What occurs when this Click activity executes?

4. A developer automates a process which has an Excel file as input data; however, Orchestrator is not available. As a result, the developer needs to adapt the Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework for use with tabular data.

Based on UiPath best practices, where should the Excel file be read and stored in a global DataTable variable?

5. A developer is using GIT for version control.

While the developer is attempting to Commit and Push a local file to the repository, the following pop-up message is displayed:

What is the reason for the pop-up message?

6. A developer wants to use the Dispatcher and Performer architecture.

What describes the characteristics of a Dispatcher and a Performer process?

7. You recently observed a developer using the SecureString variable type in their workflow.

What is a UiPath best practice relative to the use of SecureString?

8. A new blank project only has the Main.xaml file and consists of a single Throw activity. The activity is not enclosed in a Try Catch activity.

If this process is published and run from Orchestrator, what is the expected result?

9. Log out and close the company's application

The developer needs to create a process using the Dispatcher/Performer architecture for the company.

Which steps will be included in the Dispatcher process?

10. A developer entered custom values in the Browser property in the UI Automation section of the Activity Project Settings menu.

Which set of activities can be affected by this change?


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