Nuevo examen de certificación CompTIA A+: Core 2 220-1102 vertederos – buenos materiales de preparación en línea

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Continúe para su certificación CompTIA A+, nuevos vertederos 220-1102 para el examen de certificación CompTIA A+: la certificación Core 2 también está disponible después de presentar los nuevos vertederos 220-1101. puede ofrecerle las preguntas de examen 220-1102 más confiables en línea para el examen de certificación 220-1102 CompTIA A+ Core 2. Solo necesita prepararse a través de estos vertederos de exámenes de práctica 220-1102 y tiene la mejor oportunidad de eliminar el examen de certificación COMPTIA A+ 220-1101: Core 2 en el primer intento. La demostración de volcados de exámenes 220-1102 es gratuita a continuación:

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1. A bank would like to enhance building security in order to prevent vehicles from driving into the building while also maintaining easy access for customers .

Which of the following BEST addresses this need?

2. Which of the following provide the BEST way to secure physical access to a data cento server room? (Select TWO).


Welcome to your first day as a Fictional Company. LLC helpdesk employee. Please work the tickets in your helpdesk ticket queue.

Click on individual tickers to see the ticket details. View attachments to determine the problem.

Select the appropriate issue from the 'issue' drop-down menu. Then, select the MOST efficient resolution from the 'Resolution' drop-down menu. Finally, select the proper command or verification to remediate or confirm your fix of the issue from the Verify Resolve drop-down menu.

4. A user reports a computer is running slow .

Which of the following tools will help a technician identify the issue?

5. A user is configuring a new SOHO Wi-Fi router for the first time .

Which of the following settings should the user change FIRST?

6. A technician suspects the boot disk of a user's computer contains bad sectors .

Which of the following should the technician verify in the command prompt to address the issue without making any changes?

7. The Chief Executive Officer at a bark recently saw a news report about a high-profile cybercrime where a remote-access tool that the bank uses for support was also used in this crime. The report stated that attackers were able to brute force passwords to access systems .

Which of the following would BEST limit the bark's risk? (Select TWO)

8. After clicking on a link in an email a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) received the following error:

The CFO then reported the incident to a technician. The link is purportedly to the organization's bank .

Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST?

9. An incident handler needs to preserve evidence for possible litigation .

Which of the following will the incident handler MOST likely do to preserve the evidence?

10. A user corrects a laptop that is running Windows 10 to a docking station with external monitors when working at a desk. The user would like to close the laptop when it is docked, but the user reports it goes to sleep when it is closed .

Which of the following is the BEST solution to prevent the laptop from going to sleep when it is closed and on the docking station?


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