Útil NSE6_FWB -6.1 Preguntas del examen para aprobar Fortinet NSE 6 – Examen FortiWeb 6.1

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Para un candidato al examen NSE6_FWB-6.1, debe aprobar el examen Fortinet NSE 6-FortiWeb 6.1 NSE5_FWB-6.1 antes del 30 de septiembre de 2021. Se retirará ese día para su certificación de especialista en seguridad de la red Fortinet NSE 6. Si no tiene suficiente tiempo para prepararse para el examen Fortinet NSE6_FWB-6.1, simplemente elija las útiles preguntas del examen NSE6_FWB-6.1 de ReaLEXAM.ES. Las preguntas del examen Fortinet NSE6_FWB-6.1 más útil son excelentes con las preguntas y respuestas válidas para aprobar el primer intento. Las preguntas gratuitas de examen Fortinet NSE6_FWB-6.1 están disponibles a continuación para leer.

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1. What is one of the key benefits of the FortiGuard IP reputation feature?

2. How does FortiWeb protect against defacement attacks?

3. Which algorithm is used to build mathematical models for bot detection?

4. True transparent proxy mode is best suited for use in which type of environment?

5. Which statement about local user accounts is true?

6. When is it possible to use a self-signed certificate, rather than one purchased from a commercial certificate authority?

7. Review the following configuration:

What is the expected result of this configuration setting?

8. Refer to the exhibit.

FortiWeb is configured to block traffic from Japan to your web application server. However, in the logs, the administrator is seeing traffic allowed from one particular IP address which is geo-located in Japan.

What can the administrator do to solve this problem? (Choose two.)

9. 1.What role does FortiWeb play in ensuring PCI DSS compliance?

10. What can an administrator do if a client has been incorrectly period blocked?


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