Volcos de CAS-004 certificados CASP+ CASP+ actualizado con preguntas en línea CAS-004 gratuitas

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CAS-004 es el requisito de obtener la certificación CompTia Advanced Security Practice (CASP+). Requerir volcados de exámenes CAS-004 válidos es una buena solución para prepararse para el examen de certificación CompTIA CASP+. Proporcionamos una garantía del 100% y una garantía sin restricciones para CompTIA Advanced Security Profacitioner (CASP+) CAS-004 El examen descarga preguntas. Use los volcados de examen CAS-004 CAS-004 para aprobar su examen CASP+ Comptia con las preguntas más simples. Preste atención a todo lo que hemos cubierto en vertederos CAS-004 certificados de CompTIA CASP+ actualizados. También tenemos preguntas en línea CAS-004 gratuitas para ayudarlo a leer las preguntas de demostración primero.

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1. A cybersecurity analyst receives a ticket that indicates a potential incident is occurring. There has been a large in log files generated by a generated by a website containing a ‘’Contact US’’ form. The analyst must determine if the increase in website traffic is due to a recent marketing campaign of if this is a potential incident .

Which of the following would BEST assist the analyst?

2. An application server was recently upgraded to prefer TLS 1.3, and now users are unable to connect their clients to the server.

Attempts to reproduce the error are confirmed, and clients are reporting the following:


Which of the following is MOST likely the root cause?

3. A company undergoing digital transformation is reviewing the resiliency of a CSP and is concerned about meeting SLA requirements in the event of a CSP incident.

Which of the following would be BEST to proceed with the transformation?

4. A security auditor needs to review the manner in which an entertainment device operates. The auditor is analyzing the output of a port scanning tool to determine the next steps in the security review. Given the following log output.

The best option for the auditor to use NEXT is:

5. After a security incident, a network security engineer discovers that a portion of the company’s sensitive external traffic has been redirected through a secondary ISP that is not normally used.

Which of the following would BEST secure the routes while allowing the network to function in the event of a single provider failure?

6. A company that uses AD is migrating services from LDAP to secure LDAP. During the pilot phase, services are not connecting properly to secure LDAP.

Block is an except of output from the troubleshooting session:

Which of the following BEST explains why secure LDAP is not working? (Select TWO.)

7. A security analyst is reviewing the following output:

Which of the following would BEST mitigate this type of attack?

8. A vulnerability scanner detected an obsolete version of an open-source file-sharing application on one of a company’s Linux servers. While the software version is no longer supported by the OSS community, the company’s Linux vendor backported fixes, applied them for all current vulnerabilities, and agrees to support the software in the future.

Based on this agreement, this finding is BEST categorized as a:

9. Which of the following is the MOST important security objective when applying cryptography to control messages that tell an ICS how much electrical power to output?

10. A security engineer at a company is designing a system to mitigate recent setbacks caused competitors that are beating the company to market with the new products. Several of the products incorporate propriety enhancements developed by the engineer’s company. The network already includes a SEIM and a NIPS and requires 2FA for all user access .

Which of the following system should the engineer consider NEXT to mitigate the associated risks?


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