XK0-004 Preguntas de examen actualizadas [2022]-Comptia Linux+ Examen de certificación XK0-004 fácilmente

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Los candidatos deben saber, incluso el nuevo examen de certificación Comptia Linux+ XK0-005 se lanzó el 12 de julio de 2022, el examen XK0-004 todavía está disponible antes del 16 de enero de 2023. Uno que quiere aprobar el examen XK0-004 y ganar el CompTIA La certificación Linux+ puede elegir las preguntas de examen XK0-004 más actualizadas de Realex.es. Al practicar con las preguntas de examen XK0-004 relevantes y mantenerse positivo y seguro de que aprobará CompTIA Linux+ Examen de certificación XK0-004. La demostración gratuita de preguntas actualizadas XK0-004 está disponible a continuación.

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1. After starting a long-running script, a systems administrator needs to verify the frequency of what is filling up the /var partition and kill it because it is consuming too much space.

Which of the following is the correct sequence given only a terminal is available?

2. A Linux administrator wants to obtain a list of files and subdirectories in the /etc directory that contain the word “services”. Once the files and subdirectories are discovered, they should be listed alphabetically in the /var/tmp/foundservices file.

Which of the following shell scripts will accomplish this task?

3. A systems administrator wants to know the current status of a series of dd jobs that were started in the background three hours ago.

Which of the following commands will achieve this task?

4. A systems administrator needs to append output of ls Clha /opt command to the contents of a test.txt file.

Which of the following commands will accomplish this?

5. A Linux systems administrator needs to provision multiple web servers into separate regional datacenters. The systems architect has instructed the administrator to define the server infrastructure using a specific tool that consumes a text-based file.

Which of the following is the BEST reason to do this?

6. Which of the following server roles would assign a host IP address?

7. Which of the following is the purpose of the vmlinux file on a Linux system?

8. A Linux systems administrator needs to copy the contents of a directory named “working” on the local working system to a folder /var/www/html on a server named “corporate-web”.

Which of the following commands will allow the administrator to copy all the contents to the web server?

9. A system administrator has deployed a Linux server based on an Anaconda process with all packages and custom configurations necessary to install a web server role.

Which of the following could be used to install more Linux servers with the same characteristics?

10. A Linux administrator is using a public cloud provider to host servers for a company’s website. Using the provider’s tools, the administrator wrote a JSON file to define how to deploy the servers.

Which of the following techniques did the administrator use?


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